Circle hasu by Aine E Nakamura

Gallatin Galleries, 1 Washington Place, NY

Circle hasu by Aine E Nakamura

Mar 25 - Apr 1 (closed on Sunday)

Performance on March 30, mon, 6pm

drinks will be served after the performance

+performative, sound & poetry installation

Performative installation everyday:

Mar 25 w 11:30am, Mar 26 t 11:30am, Mar 27 f 2pm, Mar 28 s 4:30pm Mar 30 m 6pm, Mar 31 t 5pm, Apr 1 w 3:30pm

Exhibition Website:

*Due to the current situation, this performance-exhibition will not take place at the above dates. I thank deeply my mentors, and exhibition and engineering personnel who have supported me and this project. Please be well, Aine Eva Nakamura