A Concert of APNM Electronic Music

The National Opera Center, New York, NY

  Nakamura will present Circle hasu as a winner of The APNM Electronic Music Competition. This will be a world premiere of her work of performance of voice and body movement with media.


ELECTRONIC HERITAGE A Concert of APNM Electronic Music in honor of Mario Davidovsky, 1934 – 2019 with winners of the Call for Works Music for live interactive electronics & fixed audio, with live and recorded voices & live instruments Thursday, December 19, 2019 at 7:30 PM  National Opera Center 330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY (at West 29th Street) Mario Davidovsky      Synchronisms No.9 for violin and tape (1988)                                      Rolf Schulte, violin          Joel Gressel                Inside Job                                        Arthur Kreiger            Companion Stars                                      Josh Thomas, soprano saxophone                     Maurice Wright           Electronic Composition      Louis Goldford         Giffen Good                                      Live interactive electronics with David Whitwell,                                                    trombone Alice Shields              Scenes from the opera Apocalypse                                      Electronically manipulated voices     Stephen Dydo             Flowing Streams                 Krists Auznieks         Avots                                       Richard Fisher, glockenspiel, with live interactive                                                 electronics Alex Dowling             Reality Rounds                                      Emma O’Halloran, Annika Socolofsky, Chris Douthitt,                                          Alex Dowling, voices and live interactive electronics             Aine Nakamura *         Circle hasu                                       Fixed media, voice and body movement              Competition winners