Gallatin Arts Festival

Jerry H. Labowitz Theater for the Performing Arts, NYU Gallatin School

  title:pieces on war and prayer by Aine Nakamura solo performance "[P]ieces on war and prayer" are collective pieces of solo performance of voice and body movement. The work consists of arrangements of Life of a Flower -War and lullaby- Night before War and The River. All the three pieces focus on short compositions, improvisation and elements of lullaby. They center around vulnerability that will be taken away by wars and weapons: "Life of a Flower -War and lullaby-" is a story of a flower that lived during a war time; in "Night before War", a mother is telling her child a story a night before a war comes; and "The River" talks about flow of the Hudson River and flow of people, going back and forth the time when people traveled in canoes, the time people traded people and the time people were forced to move. The pieces are prayers, resilience and statement against violence.

special thanks to the GAF teamphoto credit: GAF