NYU Music Department, FAS, presents: Music by NYU Graduate Composers 7 World Premieres

Abrons Arts Center, 466 Grand St, New York, NY

  English Title: The Unseen World(Japanese Title:みえないもの mienaimono )for ICEby Aine NakamuraThis is a world premiere of The Unseen World.  The composition is created, inspired by Nakamura’s dream and one of the byobu (folding screen) paintings by Jakuchu Ito created in the 18th century: 鳥獣花木図屏風 Choju Kaboku zu Byobu (Birds and Animals in the Flower Graden) that Nakamura saw in an exhibition of Jakuchu.  In the screen painting, we see creatures that do not exist in the world, but do they not?  In Nakamura’s dream, a mystery was solved, which she does not remember.  And a pigeon that she rarely see in a cherry tree in front of her house brings her into The Unseen World.  She goes into the world from the frame of the painting, and, by the time she goes out, she understands that The Unseen World is always here in this world.

  special thanks to: Yi-Wen Lai-Tremewan, Nicholas Houfek, Maciej Lewandowski, Michael Rose and Elizabeth Hoffman

free admission