Mikro Ensemblen konsertti, Ostrobothnian Contemporary Music Festival

T-sali Tulindberg Hall, Oulu

performance: Mikro Ensemblecomposition and voice by Aine Nakamura-premiere-Title: The Story of OicaOica is a character that Nakamura created through a theatrical project. From a loss of her son, she lost her memory and thinks she is originally a dolphin. This character connected Nakamura with a traditional myth in northern Japan, myth that the middle small island in Mashu Lake used to be an old lady, and myths around the world on gods of animals and nature. The piece is a scene where Oica, the god of dolphin, sings to her son, the god of the moon, at night time. All the creatures are waking up.Lyrics/text:さぁ いのちよ 輝いておくれ 天高く 遥か彼方までさぁ 歌おう 光に照らされて 天高く 朝の夜露までさぁ 光よ 聞かせておくれ 花のような笑い声を 奥の山川 夜にまで 大地に 命は生きるSa- inochi yo, kagayaiteokure. Ten takaku haruka kanatamade.Sa- utaou, hikari ni terasarete. Ten takaku asa no yotsuyu made.Sa- hikari yo, kikaseteokure. (Hana no youna waraigoe wo, okuno yamakawa) Yoruni made. Daichi ni inochi ha ikiru.Soul, soul, please shine to the top of the sky and to the edge of the world.I shall sing lighted by the moon to the top of the sky to the dew of the morning.Light, light, let us hear (your laughter like a flower to the mountains, to the rivers), and to the depth of the night. Souls live on the earth.