*On the Night of the New Moon, Doa no Sotogawa, Night before War*
2019 Jan 6


foreword 3曲に寄せて



*Eva Aine*
2014. 10. 22

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keys & piano: Mitsue Yamamoto bass: Keisuke Tanaka drums: Akihiko Watanabe guitar: Nobuhiro Denda
photography: Saori Masuoka, Masaki Sato / design: Sayuri Minato, k+m design / distributor: ultra-vybe, inc.


2012. 9. 12
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*MY WAY TO Happiness*
2010. 9. 4
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singles, compilation albums & dvd

Cause We're Alive
2011. 9. 15
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 Revenues will be donated to Peace Winds Japan.
 Very special thanks to Akihiko Watanabe(dr)


I'm Getting Hot
  2011. 7. 4
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楽曲の収益は 特定非営利活動法人Peace Winds Japanに寄付されます。
Very special thanks to Asako Uchida(vo) and Akihiko Watanabe(dr)


Global Attack
 Mixtape Vol.2
Don't You Stop Making That Groove  is included.
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World News Network(wn.com),This Week In Music, TheIndependentMusicScene.com, StreetVibes 92.5fm(Germany)
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Empire State Mixtape Vol.4
2011. 6. 7
Part1 / Part2
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  You Better Be Careful is included in the Empire State Vol 4 hosted by Young Money
Cash Money's Jae Millz & VladTV Owner DJ Vlad.
The Empire State Mixtapes APP "iEMPIRE" available
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Female Revolution
2011. 4. 12
Thank You Lord is included.
     Female Revolution is a compilation of ACM records female artists.


Women Of This World
2011. 2. 25

Yes You Are Worth The Best is included.


Empire State Mixtape Vol.3
2011. 1. 19
Yes, U Are Worth The Best is included in the Empire State Vol 3 hosted by Violator Europe,
Slip N Slide Internationals DJ Metino & Oxygen Bad Girls Club Erica Langston.
iEMPIRE app for the mix tape series is available for all apple & android devices. 


catchat for babies 0才からの聞き流し英語  -歌
2004. 9. 29 
発売元/TBS  販売元/コロムビアエンタテイメント株式会社
城生佰太郎 監修


other works

Twelfth Night directed by Cecilia Rubino / orchestration 2017

イオンモール (店頭、タッチスクリーン) 英語ナレーション 2015

フラクタス東京 CM (TV, web, 店頭(カンボジア)) 英語ナレーション 2014