Aine Eva Nakamura




Life of A Flower -War and lullaby

Composition Title: Life of A Flower -War and lullaby l Solo l premiered at the Jerry H. Labowitz Theater for the Performing Arts, NY
voice, body movement *improvisation based on a structured composition
Duration: 05:20


The River

Composition Title: The River l Solo l premiered at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Bruno Walter Auditorium
voice, texts, body movement
Duration: 05:50

Program Notes:

The Hudson River (Shatemuc as called by the original inhabitants of Manhattan) flows both to the north and the south surrounded by the stiff rocks that are the grounds of Manahatta (hilly island).  The archive of paintings of the river connected Nakamura with the old days of Manhattan/Manahatta when dolphins swam around the island, the flow and relocation of people in the history and at the current age.  This solo piece is an exploration of body movement, texts, sound and a song: an offering to the River and question to the repeated history.

Photograph Acknowledgements:

The New York Public Library Digital Collections
Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project is a digital archive of videotaped interviews, photographs, documents, and other materials relating to the Japanese American experience. Additional information is available at
Harumi Nakamura

On the Night of the New Moon

Composition Title: On the Night of the New Moon (新月の夜) l solo l premiered at the Arrnhold Hall, The New School
voice, piano
Duration: 05:57

The composition was recorded at Piano Studio Noah Toritsudaigaku Tokyo on June 15 2018.

The lyrics/poetry is published in Eleven and a Half Journal Spring 2018.

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