Aine Eva Nakamura




Dmitry Krymov Lab

Contemporary Theatrical Project directed by Dmitry Krymov l CoPA, College of Performing Arts l 2016-

Director: Dmitry Krymov
Production (Alphabetical order): Annalise Lawson, David Chambers, Emily DeNardo, Octavia Driscoll
Set Design: Dedalus Wainwright
Appearance (Alphabetical order): Claire MacClain, Jessica Bettencourt, Jonghoon Han, Matthew Thomas Scott, Miranda Elaine, Monica Meng-Chieh Lu, Peter J. Kuo, Rebecca Schifilliti, Renée-Michele Brunet, Rose Dolezal, Shaotian Cai, Will Tartt, and Aine Nakamura

from a performance on Dec 8 2017 at the Drama School of the New School, NY


Listening to Nature

Launched by Aine Nakamura l event
Supported by Tishman Environment and Design Center
Duration: 1 hr and 15mins

Casts: Christophe Assier, Jasper Dutz, Johanna Tysk, Jonghoon Han, Sahar Sepahdari, Sholeh Dalai, Asia Sztencel, Aine Nakamura

 月ぬ美しゃ Tsuki-nu-kaisha (How beautiful the moon is) l Yaeyama Minyo l composer: unknown
 Poem by Sahar Sepahdari
 Video filmed on May 26 in NY l Johanna Tysk (artist), Sholeh Dalai (videography)
 太陽と7番線 Taiyo to Nanabansen (The sun and line 7) l composer: Aine Nakamura  2017/2-4
 Video filmed on May 26 in NY and in Sweden in June l Johanna Tysk, Sholeh Dalai
 There must be a poem in my heart l composer and lyricist: Nakamura 2016/3
 Video filmed on May 26 in NY and in Sweden in June l Johanna Tysk, Sholeh Dalai
 Improvisation l text by Nakamura
 Poem Sketch by Sahar Sepahdari
 We Have a Tune l composer: Jasper Dütz
 Afro Blue l composer: Mongo Santamaria, lyricist: Oscar Brown, arrangement: Nakamura
 Video filmed in May in Peru l Jonghoon Han (artist, videography), and
   60のゆりかご 60 no Yurikago (60 cradles) l Ainu minyo l composer: unknown, translation: Nakamura,
   poem On the Night of the New Moon by Nakamura
 On the Night of the New Moon l composer and lyricist: Nakamura 2017/2-
 Interlude Poem by Sahar Sepahdari
 海のひとみ Umi-no-hitomi (Eyes of the Sea) l composer and lyricist: Nakamura, 2014
 イラヨイ月夜浜 Irayoi Tsukiyahama (I cherish the moon lighted beach) l Yaeyama Shin-minyo l composer: Eisho Higa, lyricist: Yasukatsu Oshima
Exhibition: Personal Landscape and words by Asia Sztencel

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