Aine Eva Nakamura




Aine Eva Nakamura / 中村Eva愛音 / Eva Aine

singer, composer, poet, sanshin / 歌、作曲、詩、三線

Style: soul, experimental Jazz, contemporary, traditional (Southern Japanese)
/ ジャンル: ソウル、エクスペリメンタル・ジャズ、コンテンポラリー(創作)、島唄

Short description:

Born from Japanese parents in Bellevue WA and grew up in Yokohama and Tokyo. Currently residing in NY.

Her solo performances include Live at JZ Brat (2014) and Live at Strobe Café (2013, sponsored by TV Kanagawa). Her album release includes Eva Aine 2014. Her recent appearances include Bang on a Can: Music Among Friends at MoMA (2017). Finalist of the 13th Great American Songwriting Contest. Trained in Southern Japanese Traditional music under Goya Isamu (Noborikawa style).

Acquired B.A. in Foreign Studies and a curator official certification from Sophia University.
Currently attends the Jazz and Contemporary Music of the New School, where she works on an Independent Study on concepts of shimauta, and studies voice and composition.
She launched Listening to Nature (Listening to Nature, Nature in Music and Storytelling) in June 2017 in New York.

Full description:

 Aine Eva Nakamura first started studying classical vocal under Itaru Mitsuzuka when she was 16. She joined SAfro FAmily, a Gospel choir, during her university years. She was trained in traditional southern Japanese music and its instrument under Isamu Goya, Noborikawa style. Along with her studying and playing at concerts in a few music groups, she started to work professionally as a bridal singer at five-star hotels including Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo and on TV music shows on NHK.

 After acquiring a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Studies and a qualification as a curator at Sophia University, and working as a paralegal at a law firm, she became a freelance musician, curator and translator.  In 2010, she started her solo musical career as a singer and songwriter with her stage name, Eva Aine. Her songs have been selected in the Empire State Mixtapes and several other compilations. She has been featured in G3 Magazine, Round Magazine, etc. She was chosen as one of the Hot Indie Artists on J-WAVE, a Japanese radio station, and she is a finalist of the 13th Annual Great American Song Contest. Her appearances include the Canadian Music Fest and Nippon Broadcasting System.  Her 3rd album, EVA AINE, was released in Oct 2014.

  Around this time, her music and performance style drastically changed followed by loss of significant people and going through major medical surgeries herself.  Her music started to focus more on the perspectives of spirituality and social contributions.

  She produces and presents collaborations often.  She has been performing with artists from other fields including tap dancers, Shoko Taniguchi, yoshiko, traditional Hula dancer, Miilani Cooper, and painter, Shinichiro Sugiyama.  In recent years, she is also pursuing the mixture of reading and singing.  Her music is characterized as mixture of different elements including Classical music, Southern Japanese traditional music or other art forms and creation of a new style.

 In order to develop and deepen her musical and artistic pursuit, she now attends the Jazz & Contemporary Music BFA program (voice, composition) at the Jazz School of the New School in New York City starting from Fall 2016.
  She is now part of members of a CoPA / Dmitry Krymov Project that runs for three years. Its public performances will be held in 2018-2019. She is also a member of John Cage for MoMA project.  In addition to her Jazz study, she engages in an Independent Study which involves study of concepts of Southern Japanese traditional music.

  She launches Listening to Nature in June 2017 in New York.

上智大学在学時にゴスペルクワイアのSAfro FAmilyに所属。また、登川流呉屋功氏に沖縄島唄・三線を学ぶ。

 2010年秋よりシンガーソングライターEva Aineとしての活動を開始する。
カナダCanadian Music Fest、米Millenium Music Conference出演。米Empire State Mixtape、ACM Records等のコンピレーション等に楽曲が収録される。米国作曲コンテストのGreat American Song Contestのファイナリストに選ばれ、2013年よりJ-WAVE「Music Hyper Market投稿の殿堂」アーティスト。2014年10月22日、3rdアルバム「EVA AINE」をリリース。11月JZ Brat SOUND OF TOKYOにてワンウーマン・アルバムリリースライブ。


 タップダンサー(谷口翔有子氏、yoshiko氏)、フラダンサー(Miilani Cooper氏)、画家(杉山振一朗氏)等、様々なフィールドのアーティストとのコラボレーションにも積極的に取り組む。また2015年より朗読と音楽とのミクスチャーにも試みる。近年の音楽スタイルは、ジャズ、クラシック音楽、島唄、またその他のアートを含む異なる要素の融合と、新しいスタイルの制作に特徴づけられる。

 2016年8月より渡米し、ニュースクール大学ジャズスクール Jazz & Contemporary Music BFAコース(voice、作曲)に在学中。ジャズ音楽の研鑽に加えて、伝承音楽「島の唄(沖縄、八重山)」の概念の研究にも取り組んでいる。
2018-2019年にニューヨークおよび世界各地で公演が予定される、監督/デザイナーDmitry Krymovのプロジェクトの音楽メンバー。2017年4月にブルックリンIrondaleにて公演が実施されたTwelfth Nightプロジェクトの編曲を担当。2017年5月John Cage music for MoMA 音楽メンバー。2017年5-6月ブルックリン ハローズのアーティスト・イン・レジデンス。

 2017年6月ニューヨークにて、「Listening To Nature」を主宰する(Nature in Music and Storytelling



Ongoing Project

Listening to Nature supported by Tishman Environment and Design Center 2017 NY

John Cage music for MoMA 2017 NY
○CoPA/Dmitry Krymov Project, Fall 2016-2019, NY
Independent Study/Shima no Uta:SONGS OF ISLANDS (Okinawa, Yaeyama) 2017 NY
Artist in Residence, Hollows, Brooklyn 2017 May-June

Selected Works:

Twelfth Night Project / orchestration 2017 NY
3rd album「EVA AINE」2014.10
○2nd album「LIBERTY」2012.9

○Original songs included in the Empire State Mixtape Vol.3 & 4, and Female Revolution released by ACM Records 2011
○Original song included in the official album of the 15th Millennium Music Conference 2011

○1st album「My Way To Happiness」2010.9
Vocal recordings for catchat for babies (DVD) released by TBS and Columbia Entertainment

Selected Performances

〇Listening to Nature / NY 2017.6
〇MoMA Bang on a Can: Music Among Friends / NY 2017.5
○Eva Aine One Woman Live
Show at 北参道Strobe Cafe ソロライブ / Tokyo 2015.11

○TAP DANCE LIVE SHOW x Rhythm 出演 / 2015.1
○Eva Aine Live at JZ Brat SOUND OF TOKYO / 2014.11
Asagaya Jazz Street / 阿佐ヶ谷Jazzストリート / 2012.10,

Sophia University 上智大学セミナー「ガーナの教育×シェア~音を楽しみながら~」 / 2014.3

○[Nyte Game] presented by Ditty Bopper(in collaboration with yoshiko(tap) and Ditty Bopper(funk dance and music unit)) 2013.12
○First Friday Harajuku Street Party, 東急プラザ表参道原宿 おもはらの森 / Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 2013.12
○Groovin'!! vol.1(in collaboration with yoshiko(tap)) 2013.10
○One Woman Live show at Strobe Cafe sponsored by TV Kanagawa / ソロライブ、Strobe Cafe二回公演(後援:テレビ神奈川) 2013.6
Opening act for an extra preview of fashion brands at TABLOID オープニングアクト / Tokyo 2012.9

○Okirai Summer2012xLIGHT UP NIPPON、岩手県大船渡市越喜来 / Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture 2012.81
Furano, Hokkaido / 北海道富良野フラノビ・アモール 2012.7
Tokyo Midtown / LIGHT UP NIPPON七夕まつり、東京ミッドタウン 2012.7
Pacifico Yokohama / パシフィコ横浜開催世界会議 2012.1
Swissotel Nankai Osaka / スイスホテル南海大阪 2011.9
One Woman Live Show at Shibuya PLUG / ソロライブ渋谷PLUG / Tokyo 2011.9
○2011 Canadian Music Fest出演、カナダトロント / Toronto 2011.3
○The 15th Millennium Music Conference出演、米ハリスバーグ / Harrisburg 2011.2
○The 23rd Folk Alliance International Conference出演、米メンフィス / Memphis 2011.2

Awards & Grants:

Selection from the New School to The National Society of Leadership and Success 2017
Jazz Supplementary Award by the Jazz and Contemporary Music, the New School 2017-2018
Tending Space Fellowships / Hemera Foundation 2017
○scholarship merit / New York Jazz Academy 2015.8
tvk live sponsorship テレビ神奈川 / ソロライブ後援 2013.6
The 13th Great American Song Contest/Adult Contemporary/finalist / 米第13回Great American Song Contest/Adult Contemporary部門ファイナリスト「It's Just That」 2012.3

J-WAVE Music Hyper Market/Hot Indie Artist / 「投稿の殿堂」アーティスト 2012.11~2016現在 アーティストブログ:
○FM102X Song Of The Day「I'm Getting Hot」2011.10
○FM102X Song Of The Day「You Better Be Careful」2011.1
Show Me The Music Contest/finalist / 米Show Me The Music Contestファイナリスト「My Way To Happiness」 2011.4
○Qualified as a curator (official qualification in Japan) 2004

Selected Media Appearances:

radios & web shows
○Indie Authority 2015.7~
The Women of Substance Radio 2011.3~, 2015.5~

Nippon Broadcasting System (live performance) / ニッポン放送Suono Dolce(演奏) 2011.6, 2012.10, 2014.12
FM Nack5 (live performance) /
エフエムナックファイブ (演奏) 2014.10
FM Setagaya エフエム世田谷「It's Just That」 2013.8~放送

○Co-hosted a music program of Radio NIKKEI / ラジオNIKKEI「イケラジ!」パーソナリティ 2012.12~2013.3
○J-WAVE Music Hyper Market / Hod Indie Featured Artist 「投稿の殿堂」 2012.11~present
Tamagawa Takashimaya x FM Setagaya (live performance) / 玉川高島屋S.Cx世田谷エフエム(『La Dolce Vita Cindy Suzuki』 公開生放送) 2012.9
○JFN「Once」 (live performance) (演奏) 2011.7 & 2012.9
○J-Wave Hello World「Yes, U Are Worth The Best」オンエア 2010.11
○Empire State Radio (電話出演) 2011.3

○G3 Magazine/US
○Skope Magazine/US
○Bits Magazine/Toronto, Canada
○Oops! Magazine/Vancouver, Canada
○Bi-Daily SUN New York


Jazz & Contemporary Music BFA degree program, The Jazz School at The New School 2016.8~
○Trained in Southern Japanese traditional music under Isamu Goya, Noborikawa Style / 登川流呉屋功氏より三線・島唄を学ぶ 2006-2007
○Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Studies, Sophia University (Sub-major: South East Asia Studies, curator study) / 上智大学外国語学部卒業
○Studied Classical voice under Itaru Mitsuzuka / クラシック声楽を学ぶ 1998-1999