Aine Eva Nakamura


My Feminist Statements

+I am not okusan, one in the back, as wife means in Japanese.

+My husband is not shujin, a dominant person, as husband means in Japanese.

+I do not hold any guilt for saying the above two sentences, and I believe that the path and love my partner and I have created have been the truth.

+Under the sky and above the ground,
each of us is an equal and different creature, and we are not bound by any "notions" of gender or nationality from outside.

+My sexuality is defined by myself and only by me.

+I respect sexuality of other person.

+My beauty is defined by myself and only by me, and if I think my wrinkles and my white hair are beautiful, then, they are my beauty.

+I will use such rights as women have fought to gain for equality such as my voting right.

+My agency and autonomy are mine.

+I am mystical.

Jan 2020

Aine Eva Nakamura

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