Aine Eva Nakamura


NY stories

My collaborator and director of the New Music Ensemble of the Mannes School of Music, Madeleine Shapiro, asked me to record several sentences about New York.
Here are the texts I wrote and recorded for the music.


In the subway, I heard gospel ringing loudly from a middle-aged man in weary face, and the wrinkles in his face gradually loosen.


It was around 2pm in the subway in Queens.  A little boy said hu-- like a song of an angle and his grandma held deep kind eyes.  I know these warm kind eyes.


In 2016, around the time of presidential campaign, people often cast words of discrimination to me‌ in the streets.  They were always from the oppressed.


In the morning of November 9th 2016, in the subway, there was a supporting and caring atmosphere between all the female passengers.
We did not hesitate to smile to each other.
Smile of caring and strength that we are here, and we live right now even today.

ナニーの一人は、隣のベンチに座る私に、威勢よく、We will interrupt you for a whileと言い、帰る時は、友達ナニーたちと満面の笑顔を見せた。

Early fall, when I was reading a book in the park, three nannies in T shirts and short pants came with beautiful looking well-dressed babies in strollers.
The three women chatted for a while, and each brought the baby back to each home.
When they came, one of three women said to me, "We will interrupt you for a while,"
and shared with me big smiles with two other women when they left.
So I smiled back.  Then, it rained all of a sudden like a squall.

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