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Review: New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2018: Excellence

"The transparency of imagination at work produced particularly successful music. Aine E. Nakamura’s six stories, performed by Nakamura herself, singing and playing the sanshin, and cellist Madeleine Shapiro is a headily complex and interesting work. Accompanied by fixed media, Nakamura and Shapiro both sing and speak while playing their instruments both ‘traditionally’ and ‘non-traditionally,’ comparing experiences of Manhattan and Japan. Music and voices, in dialogue and chant, summon up images of both American and Asian worlds; the two artists, side by side, are priestesses and creators, women comparing stories and memories, two beings simultaneously separate and interconnected."

Publication: Tishman Environment and Design Center, The New School

- Self Reflection on Identity, Nature and Music Making -

While I worked on developing my writing for Shima no Uta: SONGS OF ISLANDS, Okinawa and Yaeyama, which led to the event, Listening to Nature supported by Tishman Environment and Design Center, I needed to question myself why I was inclined towards the area and the songs in the first place.  The research made me feel a need to understand my own quest for identity, as well as the relationship it has with my art and the contributions it makes to society...[more]

Publication: Tishman Environment and Design Center, The New School

- Nature in Music and Storytelling -

...Listening to Nature was a collaborative project of music and storytelling (movie and poem) on the theme, nature. I aimed not only for musical fusion but conceptual fusion between Yaeyama*i music and traditional culture, and contemporary art and music. I wanted to bring the value of nature veneration to NY city for the purpose of making a proposal of a sustainable society. People in Yaeyama and surrounding Ryukyu islands*ii have lived with the nature and worshiped it through festivals, rituals, dance and music. Folk traditional music and even shin-minyo*iii are based on this value in the area...[more]


PRESS RELEASE Listening to Nature 6/24/2017 PRESS RELEASE.pdf

Performance: Listening to Nature

Performance: Bang on a Can: Music Among Friends

"Throughout Robert Rauschenberg’s six-decade career, he moved freely between the worlds of visual art and avant-garde music. Beginning in the early 1950s, Rauschenberg worked closely with the composers and performers associated with the New York School, including such pioneering experimental figures as Earle Brown, John Cage, Morton Feldman, David Tudor, and Christian Wolff..."

Publication: Tishman Environment and Design Center, The New School

- Listening To Nature -

...Okinawa and Yaeyama islands are located southwest of Japan’s main island, northeast of Taiwan in between East China Sea and Philippine Sea. They are current Okinawa prefecture of Japan along with Miyako islands.
The music here is based on and strongly linked to idea and concepts that exist in this area, Nirakanai (world of gods and ancestors), Utaki (sacred places), nature worship.
Parts of the aspects of the songs of islands are sacred festivals in the area...[more]

Indie Authority

〇米Indie Authorityにて、「Let It Go」放送中。Let It Go is now in the rotation of the Indie Authority. 2015.7

Women of Substance Music Podcast

〇米The Women of Substance Music Podcastエピソード146(iTunes) 「I gotta love you」収録。(リリース:6/11)2015.6
"I gotta love you" will be included in the 146 episode of *The Women of Substance Music Podcast on iTunes.
*The podcast has ranked at #1 on the iTunes New and Noteworthy section in 3 categories.

women of substance music podcast

〇米The Women of Substance Music Podcastエピソード142(iTunes) 「Tell me, do you feel the same?」収録。(リリース:6/5)2015.6
"Tell me, do you feel the same?" will be included in the 142 episode of *The Women of Substance Music Podcast on iTunes.
*The podcast has ranked at #1 on the iTunes New and Noteworthy section in 3 categories.

women of substance

〇米Women of Substanceラジオにて「I gotta love you」オンエア 5/25~29 米時間17時(ET)(14時(PT)) 2015.5
"I gotta love you" will be aired on "What's on my iPod" New Music Show, Women of Substance Radio on May 25-29 from 5 PM ET (2 PM PT) US time

women of substance

〇米Women of Substanceラジオにて「Tell me, do you feel the same?」オンエア 5/18~22 米時間17時(ET)(14時(PT)) 2015.5
"Tell me, do you feel the same?" will be aired on "What's on my iPod" New Music Show, Women of Substance Radio on May 18-22 from 5 PM ET (2 PM PT) US time

women in charge 3 Radio

米ラジオWomen In Charge 3 Radioにて、「I gotta love you」「Let it go」放送 2015.4~
"I gotta love you" and "Let it go" are aired on Women In Charge 3 Radio

fm nishi tokyo

4/16、4/23 84.2MHz FM西東京にて「oo-oo」「Let it go」オンエア 2015.4
Radio airplay of "oo-oo" and "Let it go" on April 16, 23 on FM Nishi Tokyo

Rainbow Town FM

4/15 79.2MHz レインボータウンFMにて「This is what I'm choosing to be」オンエア 2015.4
Radio airplay of "This is what I'm choosing to be" on April 15 on Rainbow Town FM

Performance - TV Radio: Yokohama Wedding Story

横浜ウェディングストーリー1/14夕方6時放送回「HappySong総集編」、出演、演奏 2015.1
performance on an internet TV program, Yokohama Wedding Story / 6pm, Jan 14

Performance - TV Radio: Suono Dolce, Nippon Broadcasting System

ニッポン放送Suono Dolce「Cafe Dejeuner」出演、演奏 12/19(金)13時頃 2014.12
live on Cafe Dejeuner, Nippon Broadcasting System / 1pm, Dec 19, 2014


on Kochime Magazine Dec Issue, Meguro disabled employment service center

Performance - TV Radio: Yokohama Wedding Story

横浜ウェディングストーリー11/19、11/26夕方6時放送回、出演、演奏 2014.11
live performance on an internet TV program, Yokohama Wedding Story / 6pm, Nov 19 & 26

Performance - Radio: FM Nack5

10/28(火)FM Nack5 エフエムナックファイブ79.5MHz monaka」(パーソナリティ:池辺愛さん) 出演、演奏(昼12:07-12:30)。
live on monaka, FM Nack 5 79.5MHz, on Oct 28th at noon(JP time) 2014.10

Performance Artist - surprise proposal campaiign

Eva Aineが「Surprise Propose」(20組限定キャンペーン)の演奏アーティストになりました。2014.8

Stage Ace

Umi no Hitomi(Eyes in the Sea) / stageAce, NHK Global Media Service 2013.12

『海のひとみ』が、NHKグローバルメディアサービスの スマートフォン音楽動画サイト
stageAce(ステージエース)にて、動画配信スタートしました。 - See more at:

First Friday

Tokyo Boot Up! 2013 street live

FM Setagaya

エフエム世田谷にて、2013年8月(月)~(木)毎日23:45~「It's Just That」放送 2013.8

"It's Just That" from the second album LIBERTY is aired on FM Setagaya every Monday to Thursday from 23:45 August 2013.

Performance - FM Salus

○FM Salus 84.1Mhz 出演、ライブ 4/20 23時~23時半 2013.4
FM Salus(jp)/April 20(Sat)/84.1Mhz 23:00~23:30/live

FM Setagaya

○FM世田谷 2/1(金)深夜25時(2/2午前1時)および2/8(金)深夜25時(2/9午前1時)「午前1時のシンデレラ」出演 2013.2
FM Setagaya/Feb 1/1am & Feb 8/1am(jp)

Round Magazine

Round Magazine / Eva Aine: Behind the scene of "I AM FLYING"
米Round Magazineに、Eva Aine「I AM FLYING」に関する記事が掲載されました。

J-wave: Music Hyper Market

○J-WAVE「MUSIC HYPER MARKET」投稿の殿堂アーティスト(Windows Media Player / iTunes podcast) 2012.12
selected as one of the Best Indie Artists on MUSIC HYPER MARKET J-WAVE

Radio Nikkei

○ラジオ日経「イケラジ!」パーソナリティ 12/7(金)午後6時放送回より(ustreamでは5:45~)(日曜日再放送) 2012.12
co-hosts a radio music program on Radio NIKKEI/Dec 7(fri)6pm(jp)(5:45~on ustream)

CD Journal

Performance - TV Raido: Suono Dolce, Nippon Broadcasting System

ニッポン放送 Suono Dolce「カフェデジュネ」(MC:山伏まりさん)10/19/午後1時 出演,ライブ 2012.10
Suono Dolce, Nippon Broadcasting System/live on Dec 19/1pm(jp)

Performance - TV Akihabara

インターネットテレビ@tv 秋葉原にて、10/13 夜8時 出演、演奏 2012.10
live on tv Akihabara, a web show, on Oct 13 from 8pm

Feature: Oops!Magazine

front page & pages18-19/Oops Magazine in Vancouver, Canada

Performance - Radio Nikkei

○10/5 ラジオNIKKEI 「イケラジ!」 出演、演奏(6:30pm) 2012.10
live on a radio music program on Radio NIKKEI/Oct 5/6:30pm(jp)

Performance - FM Setagata and Tamagawa Takashimaya

○FM Setagaya/La Dolce Vita Cindy Suzuki/live recording at Tamagawa Takashimaya 2012.9
玉川高島屋S・C×エフエム世田谷 FESTA Fseta 6Days
『La Dolce Vita Cindy Suzuki』公開生放送。演奏後は「LIBERTY」の先行発売。

Performance - Radio: Once

9月11日 JFN系列 ONCE 出演、演奏 11:30-12:55に放送。 2012.9
ONCE,JFN/Sept 11/11:30-12:55
The program will be aired on FM Iwate, FM Akita, Datefm, Fukushima FM, FM Tochigi, FM Gunma, FM Nagano, FM Toyama, FM Fukui, FM Mie, FM Sannin, FM Okayama, FM Yamaguchi, FM Kochi, FM Kagawa, FM Saga, FM Nagasaki, FM Tokushima, FM Aomori, Gifu FM and FM Ishikawa.

Feature: bits Magazine

bits Magazine, Toronto 2012.8
カナダ・トロントのフリーペーパーbits Magazineに、LIBERTYについて掲載されました。

Bi-Daily SUN New York

○featured in Bi-Daily SUN New York. 2012.8
米国東海岸日系フリーペーパーBi-Daily SUN New Yorkに、LIBERTYについて掲載されました。

Women of Substance Radio

○Love The Way You Are in the lineup for the Pop Show Thursdays, Women of Substance Radio/Thursdays at 10-11 AM Pacific (1-2 PM Eastern)
「Love The Way You Are」が米Women Of SubstanceラジオのPop Show Thursdaysのラインアップに選曲されました。(日本時間木曜夜(金曜早朝)深夜2時~3時放送)

Women of Substance Radio

○It's Just That in the lineup for the Women of Substance Radio/Saturdays at 11AM-noon Pacific (2-3PM Eastern) on Jazz Show Saturdays & Sundays at 9 AM-noon Pacific (noon-3 PM Eastern) on Sunday Christian Playlist
「It's Just That」が米Women Of SubstanceラジオのJazz Show SaturdaysおよびSunday Christian Playlistのラインアップに選曲されました。(日本時間土曜深夜(日曜早朝)3時~4時、日曜深夜(月曜早朝)1時~4時放送)

Performance - TV Radio: Investors TV

○4月23日インベスターズTV 音楽番組「Beats are All right」に出演、演奏しました。2012.4
Performed at Beats are All right, Investors TV

Finalist: Great American Song Contest

○The 13th Great American Song Contest/Adult Contemporary/finalist 2012.3
米第13回Great American Song Contest/Adult Contemporary部門ファイナリスト「It's Just That」

Feature: PLG

○It's Just That featured on (PLG)
PLG provides its community with downloadable shows from the top live bands in the world
米 (PLG)により、Eva Aineと「It's Just That」について特集が掲載されました。

getstage MUSIC AWARD 2012

○Eva Aineがgetstage MUSIC AWARD 2012にノミネートされました。
Nominated for the getstage MUSIC AWARD 2012. Thank you for your votes.

Interview: getstage artist

○ステージブッキングサイトgetstageにて、「This Month Artist Vol.1」に掲載されました。
featured as "This Month Artist Vol.1" of getstage website.

Nishi Tokyo FM

○2/1、西東京FMの公開録音ライブに出演し、放送されました。/ performed at Nishi Tokyo FM Public Recording Live 2012.2

November 2011 MegaMix: Hangout Space

○「I'm Getting Hot」-Eva Aineが、米HangoutCorporationのポッドキャスト「November 2011 Megamix」に選曲されました。/ iTunes無料ダウンロード / Featured in November 2011 MegaMix by HangoutSpace. It also features Beadz, HoodGoodGoodie, Jay Z, Will Vill, Kanye West and more. / iTunes, free download 2011.11

FM Setagaya

○StudioCube326でのライブが、11/12(土)23-24時 FM世田谷 83.4MHzにて放送されます。2011.11
Live at Studio Cube 326 on Oct 27th will be aired on FM Setagaya(83.4MHz) on November 12 (Sat) from 11pm

Song of the Day: FM102x

○「I'm Getting Hot」が米ネットラジオFM102xのSong of the Dayに選曲されました。2011.10
I'm Getting Hot was selected as the Song of the Day of FM102x.

Interview: Song Revelation

○米Song Revelationにて、特集されました。
featured in Song Revelation/Artist Interview-Eva Aine

Performance - Radio: once

○live on JFN Radio Once on July 25, 2011

Performance - TV Radio: Suono Dolce Tokyo After 6

○ニッポン放送Suono Dolce Tokyo After 6に出演、演奏しました。2011.6
live on Suono Dolce Tokyo After 6, Nippon Broadcasting System, on June 21st, 2011

Bits Magazine

○featured in Bits Magazine and bits lounge, Toronto 2011.4
Bits Magazineおよびbits lounge(カナダフリーペーパーおよびウェブサイト)にて、表紙および特集記事に掲載されました。

Bits Box Inc April 1, 2011

bits lounge(カナダ最大の日系フリーペーパー)

- See more at:

G3 Magazine

featured in "sonicbids next", G3 Magazine / 米G3 Magazineの「sonicbids next」に掲載されました。

featured in "sonicbids next" G3 Magazine  / G3 Magazineの「sonicbids next」にて掲載されました - See more at:

Top Music JP

○Top Music JP, Toronto/Interview: Eva Aine / カナダTop Music JPに掲載されました。2011.3

International Hip Hop

○ Aine / 米International-HipHop.comに掲載されました。2011.3

Review: Skope Magazine Entertainment

○Skope Magazine Entertainment/CD Review: My Way To Happiness 2011.3
米Skope Magazineに、「My Way To Happiness」についてのCDレビューが掲載されました。

Skope Magazine Entertainment

○Skope Magazine Entertainment/EVA AINE: SINGING ACROSS THE CONTINENTS by Diana Olson 2011.2
米Skope Magazineに掲載されました。

Interview: juniorscave

○Junior's Cave Music/Eva Aine Artist Interview / 米Junior's Cave Musicにインタビューが掲載されました。 2011.1

Interview: kemet

○Kemet Music Radio/Featured Artist Interview / カナダKemet Music Radioにインタビューが掲載されました。2010.12

Featured Artist: helloworld

○J-WAVE Hello Worldにて、放送および掲載されました。/ J-WAVE Hello World/Today's Featured Artist(jp) 2010.11

Feature: Skope Sonicbids Artist To Watch

○Skope Magazine Entertainment/Sonicbids Artist To Watch 2010.11
米Skope Magazineの「Sonicbids Artist To Watch」に掲載されました。