Aine Eva Nakamura




6 stories

Composition Title: 6 stories l fixed media composition for improvisers l NYCEMF Abrons Art Center, Playhouse
fixed media of texts, voice, cello, sanshin
Duration: 05:00

Madeleine Shapiro cello
Aine Nakamura voice, sanshin, body movements

Program Notes:

The work is written through the eyes of Japanese American who was raised in Japan and came back to "America",
the eyes of an outsider and insider.  The stories of Japan, the island of hills (Manhattan) and places around the world are weaved through the rhythm of Japanese speech and improvisations interacting with the sound.  The composition also brings about Ainu (northern Japanese traditional culture).  It crosses with Ainu melodic storytelling through the speaking and onomatopoeic words.  
This art work that features media and improvisations is the construction of the past, the present, different time lines and places, finally leading into the future.


This composition was first performed with sound-painting and conducting  in December 2017 at Arnhold Hall, The New School. (Words and Music directed by Diane Moser.)

War, mother and a child

Piece Title: War, mother and a child l cross-disciplinary
theater, voice, piano

actor Jeff Kosharek
piano Artyom Pak
voice, composition (Night Before War) Aine Nakamura