Aine Eva Nakamura


singer composer performing artist

photography Takaaki Asai

+installation & performance+
Creative Climate Awards
Nov 6- Dec 4 2019 Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, NY

Title: Unnamed Wind

Orality in Music, Arts About Nature
Oct 18 2019 Friday 12:30pm Jerry H. Labowitz Theater for the Performing Arts, NY

Jim Santy Auditorium, VU Symposium
July 11 2019 Thursday 6pm Park City, UT

solo: pieces on prayer

Abrons Arts Center
April 8 2019 Monday 8pm

The Unseen World 『みえないもの』 with the ICE (world premiere)

Silver Place, Room 220, Waverly Pl
March 14 2019 Thursday 7pm

PERFORMANCE: Exploration in sound and body

presented by Aine Nakamura, voice, body movement, words
performing with pianist Yuko Fujiyama, and dancer Miki Orihara

On the Night of the New Moon, Doa no Sotogawa, Night before War
January 6 2019

The three songs are now released on this website.

Foreword 3曲に寄せて

Concert at Elmer Holmes Bobst Library
Feldstein Immersion Room 7F, November 13 2018 8pm
composition: 6 stories
Madeleine Shapiro cello and voice
Aine E Nakamura composition, voice and sanshin

+ performance & premiere+
Mikro Ensemblen Konsertti, Ostrobothnian Contemporary Music Festival, Oulu, Finland
T-sali Tulindberg Hall, September 29 2018 6pm
with Mikro Ensemble, composition and voice by Aine Nakamura
work title: The Story of Oica

+ review +
Theater Scene, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2018: Excellence
"The transparency of  imagination at work produced particularly successful music. Aine E. Nakamura's six stories, performed by Nakamura herself, singing and playing the sanshin, and cellist Madeleine Shapiro is..." [more ] Aug 2018



performance on Dec 13 2018 at the Jerry H. Labowitz Theater for the Performing Arts

The depth of the sea
The light of the winter sun and
The warmth and unquestionable strength of the tree

go into me

From their greatness
From their sparkles
From each delicate branch

And I
give them back my love inside of me

From the skin of my face
From my finger tip
From my small eyelids

And I
Gradually become

The sea

The light

The tree

海の深さが 冬の朝の太陽の光が 木の優しさと凛とした強さが
その大きさから その輝きから その枝の一本一本から
私は私の中の愛を 顔から 指から まぶたから かえしてゆく

私はそのうちに 海になり、光りになり、木になるのだ



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