Aine Eva Nakamura


Aine E. Nakamura
singer composer performing artist poet

Aine E. Nakamura was selected by the New School to The National Society of Leadership and Success Sept 2017

ARTICLE NATURE IN MUSIC, Tishman Environment and Design Center Aug 2017

Tickets now on sale for Bang on a Can: Music Among Friends at MoMA Theater 1 May 2017

ARTICLE LISTENING TO NATURE, Tishman Environment and Design Center May 2017

Kusharo lake
composed by Aine E. Nakamura

Recorded live on December 14, 2017 in NY

Voice, sanshin: Aine Eva Nakamura
Alto saxophone: Lewis Fowler
Tenor saxophone: Bryant Jackson
Trumpet: Drew Anderson
Piano: Youngjae Kim
Bass: Finnean Hargesheimer-Carroll
Drums: Hsien Wen Chen

Irayoi Tsukiyahama, Yaeyama shin-minyo
arrangement and voice Aine E Nakamura,
piano Dominic Fallacaro, horn Jasper Dütz, bass Torge Goderstad, drums Dore Kalmar


There must be a poem in my heart
flip flap

In a quest to grasp it,
My body might run to the moon

but oh Darling, don't worry
My eyes are fixed to love

I'll be sailing to an ocean
In a boat called 'Aye Aye Captain'

I see hopes marching in

written by Aine Nakamura *
performed with Mitsue Yamamoto (p)

The depth of the sea
The light of the winter sun and
The warmth and unquestionable strength of the tree

go into me

From their greatness
From their sparkles
From each delicate branch

And I
give them back my love inside of me

From the skin of my face
From my finger tip
From my small eyelids

And I
Gradually become

The sea

The light

The tree

海の深さが 冬の朝の太陽の光が 木の優しさと凛とした強さが
その大きさから その輝きから その枝の一本一本から
私は私の中の愛を 私の顔から 指から まぶたから かえしてゆく

私はそのうちに 海になり、光りになり、木になるのだ

Live on April 4 2016 * with Mitsue Yamamoto

Afro Blue * Japanese translation
わたしの魂が生まれた世界について 夢を見ている ・ 大きな手がリズムを奏で始める

品を感じさせる男の子 美しい女の子 ・ 嬉しさに踊っている

喜びに似た感情が沸いてくるcocoa hue ・ 夜のように豊かさに満ちているafro blue

恋人達が顔を近づけてダンスする ・ 波のような優美 ・ 2人はゆらゆら揺れながら

情熱的なささやきに それはやさしい返事がかえっていく

喜びに似た感情が沸いてくるcocoa hue ・ 夜のように豊かさに満ちているafro blue




朝 私は春の雨の中で




I woke up, imagining horsetails coming out
in the spring morning rain
I found a coin lying on the bed
I picked up the coin
and tossed it with my both hands

My hands were
like a baby

J-WAVE Music Hyper Market     

10/28(火)、FM Nack5 エフエムナックファイブ 79.5MHz「monaka」に出演、演奏させていただきます(昼12:07-12:30)。
will be on monaka, FM Nack 5 79.5MHz, on Oct 28th at noon(JP time). The program is also aired on internet
live performance by Eva Aine(vo) Akihiko Watanabe(Cajon) 2014.10
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